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The Bay Tree Book of Preserving is the ultimate book on the subject providing a one-stop resource. Everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labours with this book from the UK's foremost producer of a huge range of preserves. Whether you have foraged hedgerows picked produce from your own vegetable garden or allotment or searched out the best seasonal buys in the supermarket or market this book contains a complete collection of recipes for preserving fruit and vegetables meat or fish. Emma Macdonald gives clear and comprehensive instructions for curing drying pickling bottling/canning crystalizing and jellying; as well as recipes for all kinds of jams jellies pickles chutneys relishes cordials fruit liqueurs sauces ketchups confits and salamis fruit curds cheeses and butters and dried fruits and veggies. Every classic is covered including: gravlax confit chicken candied peel quince cheese elderflower cordial mint jelly onion marmalade rhubarb chutney sloe gin raspberry jam and piccalilli. There are many others some of them centuries old some of them modern inventions such as Banana and Date Chutney and Grapefruit and Elderflower Marmalade. Emma also includes expert tips on troubleshooting and information on all the equipment you will need. Pick up your muslins and straining funnel and get preserving