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Goede verkoop Crochet Bakemono [Monsters!] (Paperback) by Bui Lan-Anh Wan Josephine YUavMro3

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  • 1802 aantal op voorraad


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This title presents 20 projects for weird and wonderful creatures inspired by traditional Japanese monsters 'bakemono'. This is a book to amuse and delight from UK authors. The craze for crocheting cute characters was born in Japan and now everyone can discover the appeal of this latest art form. Bakemono are traditional monsters of Japanese culture; the word literally means 'changing things' and legends are full of animals and humans transforming into something bizarre. This has inspired the authors of 'Crochet Bakemono' to create 20 weird and wonderful creatures that are all about transition to another form to amuse and delight. The instructions are simple to follow and are accompanied by innovative easy-to-read charts as well as a techniques section that explains the basic skills needed.