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Mooi en genereus 150 Best Tagine Recipes (Paperback) by Crocker Pat SGmbdeeN

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Tagine takes its name both from a Moroccan dish as well as the pot in which the dish is cooked - typically a large and shallow pot with a conical lid. Tagines involve the slow simmering of meats or vegetables along with a medley of herbs and spices the result being an aromatic and intoxicating combination of taste and texture. This book offers a comprehensive history of traditional Moroccan tagine cooking including an extensive Tagine Know-HowA' section that answers all possible questions about tagines and cooking with tagines as well as a North African Flavour FootprintA' section that profiles the 20 herbs and spices that give authentic flavour to these dishes. Home cooks can bring Morocco into their kitchens with these tantalizing dishes: - Cinnamon lamb tagine with apricots. - Honey-ginger vegetable tagine. - Beef tagine with figs and walnuts. - Artichoke and shellfish in almond milk. - Minted lemon whitefish. - Saffron shrimp tagine with avocados. - Pomegranate chicken tagine. - Moroccan vegetable tagine. - Fiery beef tagine with vegetables. To round off the Moroccan experience of the meal Pat Crocker also includes recipes for dips sauces and authentic souk specialties (typical street foods sold in markets) salads and sides as well as the traditional beverages and sweets. With authentic yet easy-to-prepare recipes that will please both meat eaters and vegetarians home cooks can create a true North African taste odyssey.