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Whether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged while commuting or watching TV this adult coloring book offers 72 pages of beautiful and meditative designs to keep your spirits bright and colorful through the holiday season. It is filled with reindeer gingerbread men candy canes holly stockings snowflakes nutcrackers and other delightful Christmas-themed patterns.Top-bound coloring pad is perfect for the right- and left-handedDetachable sheets make it easy to display your finished work or share pages at coloring parties72 illustrations are printed single-sided on high-quality paper that is suitable pencils markers and watercolorsCompact size is great for travel and a smaller page is less time-consuming to completePad has a thick backer board so that you can color with the book on your lapCover has gold foil stampingThe 'Vive Le Color ' collection includes: 'Vive Le Color Africa' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722523'Vive Le Color Arabia' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722530'Vive Le Color Butterflies' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419719806'Vive Le Color Christmas' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724350'Vive Le Color Energy' (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720529'Vive Le Color Flowers' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722547'Vive Le Color Harmony '(Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720536'Vive Le Color Hearts' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724367'Vive Le Color Horses' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724374'Vive Le Color India' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419719820'Vive Le Color Japan' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781617691812'Vive Le Color Mandala' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419722554'Vive Le Color Meditation' (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419722868'Vive Le Color Peace' (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419722875'Vive Le Color Serenity' (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720543'Vive Le Color Tropics' (Adult Coloring Book) ISBN 9781419724381'Vive Le Color Vitality' (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils) ISBN 9781419720550'