Valuta : 
The teenage years are acknowledged to be the most testing stage of parenting - when well-mannered and obedient children can transform into rude and rebellious teens. However parenting a teen doesn't have to be a battle and counsellors Janey Downshire and Naella Grew have developed a programme to help parents get the best out of the teenage years. Their approach is positive and straightforward providing simple strategies for nurturing better behaviour and providing a happy supportive home environment. The book will tackle: how to help teens feel supported and secure; strategies for improving communication; dealing with digital technology and media influences; ways to encourage self-confidence and independence; coping with challenging behaviour attitudes and pastimes; and plus: drinking drugs smoking sex porn video games bullying peer pressure loneliness and eating disorders. This book provides a positive enthusiastic and inspiring approach to the teenage years showing how parents can help their teens develop the skills they will need for a happy adult lives.